Descendants of
 Captain Robert Brown
                            1809 – 1894



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The Thomas Browns

Dorothea Heppingstone Brown 

This picture was in the posession of Thelma (Rothwell) Rogers.
Notes on the back said:

Dorothea Heppingstone Brown
– Osborne-Carney
my cousin, daughter of Uncle Tom Brown and
Aunt Marie – singer

Handwriting isn’t perfectly clear ...
could be Mane, Mame, or ?

According to a letter written by Auntie Thelma in March, 1971, Dorothea and her husband, Max Carney, were living at 575 Crofton Ave, Piedmont, CA. The letter says at that time she was “an invalid, sometimes not able to communicate – she has had a stroke and is badly crippled with arthritis. Poor dear. She was a lovely person, gifted with a beautiful voice. Her father had hoped for opera, but too many things happened, including a rich husband who was poison. She has been so happy with Max in the past ten years – and they just get along. Dorothea was a Brown.”

The following images are believed to be the same person.

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