Descendants of
 Captain Robert Brown
                            1809 – 1894



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Family Tree

Captain Robert Wilcox Brown comes of old New England stock. He was born in Connecticut in 1809, and we can trace his family back to English settlers in Rowley, Massachusetts about 1639. His wife, Charlotte Heppingstone, left England at the age of seven and was among the earliest colonists to settle in southwestern Australia in 1830.

We have a larger family tree in the works, but in the interest of sharing information, I patched together the information I already had. So, click on the links below to see our lists of:


* Interesting to note: we finally figured out that Robert Heppingstone Sr. (our Charlotte’s father) was married at least twice. Robert Jr. and Charlotte were children of his first marriage, and the younger three were from the second. Also included under the “Notes” link is a summary of Robert Sr.’s military career.
     —  Many thanks to Rod Lyall for this information!

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