Descendants of
 Captain Robert Brown
                            1809 – 1894



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2005 Reunion in Renton/Olympia

August 14, 2005 at Sinclair’s place Olympia

(left to right)

Row 1: Louise Prescott, Eileen Richardson, Jim Richardson, Mike Rice, Mitch Dodd, Sandy Sinclair
Row 2: Rhodes Galbraith, Shirley Galbraith, William Roberts, George Yantis, Don Dodd, Ruth Rice
Row 3: Eunice Wingert, Connie Parker, Jeannie Dodd, Marie Sinclair, Betty Yantis, Celeste Dodd, Ruth Alura Dodd, Peter Fleming, Sally Fleming
Row 4: Paul Wingert, Terry-(Jeannie’s friend), Lois Thorndike, Dave Parker, Dotty O’Neill,
Pat O’Neill, Bill Parker, Doug Roberts, Ann Roberts, Dan Roberts
Row 5: (Balcony) Dave Yantis, Jindy Yantis, Luke Yantis, Rebecca LaMotte, Laura LaMotte, Alex Yantis, DeAnn O’Neill, Ian O’Neill, Colin O’Neill

(Prints of the group portrait are available at

Sandy Sinclair, our gracious host

Peter Fleming

Sketch of Captain Brown’s memorial,
designed by Tony Parker

Captain Brown memorial
at Mt Olivet Cemetery, Renton, WA

view from Captain Brown’s grave site

Friday dinner at Sandy’s
clockwise from head: Sandy Sinclair, Rob Richardson, Eileen Richardson, Marie Sinclair, Dorothy Burns, Frank Burns, Jim Richardson

view from Sandy’s deck

Mitch Dodd
reads from Annie Brown’s earthquake diary
(huge family tree on the wall behind him)

Charlotte Brown (nee Heppingstone) headstone,
plot #  179 in Lakeview Cemetery, Seattle, WA
text below her age read:
“Her children rise up and call her blessed.”

Louise Prescott, Frank Burns, Eileen Richardson

Jim & Eileen Richardson
A fortunate few of us got out on Sandy’s boat Sunday evening.

L-R: Mike Rice, Sandy Sinclair, Mitch Dodd, Louise Prescott

Rob Richardson

Sandy’s boat & Mt. Rainier

Sunrise, Mt. Rainier

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